Nazir Natural Cure is a company working with a mission to promote people's health and well being through the use of herbal medicines as a natural cure for ailments.

It is being recognized as an effective and harmless system of medicines in the world.

Our aims are:
  • To revive TIBB or EASTERN Medicine.
  • Restore its original status as it deserves.
  • Give its due share and shape according to the changing needs of present time in the world.

Nazir Natural Cure is a registered company manufacturing Oriental Herbal Medicines under the guidance and technical expertise of Hakeem Nazir Ahmed Shaikh, who has a vast experience of years together in the Eastern System of Medicines and belongs to the third generation of his family in this noble profession.

No doubt this is our honor to be one of the participants in seminars / workshops organized by Hamdard University Karachi in collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Health Govt of Pakistan for the promotion and revival of EASTERN medicines and restore its original status as it deserves.It is a clear fact that people are coming back to this safe and sure line of treatment which suits us since long.

With the grace of Almighty ALLAH it is a honour for our company NAZIR NATURAL CURE, to achieve an award for its services in herabl medicine manufacturing during the International Expo on Alternative Medicines received by honourable President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain on 17-18 Jaunary 2015 at Expo Centre Karachi.
Immense response to NAZIR KALONJI OIL shows its popularity among users, which is based on Black Seeds (Black Cumin, Najillasativa) a blessed herb. The extracted oil of KALONJI has quality to relieve so many diseases and proves Health and Cure together.

JOBAN GERIATRIC Tablet is another quality product of NAZIR NATURAL CURE, which is the combination of selected active Natural ingredients to restore Physical, Sexual, Mental and Vital Power.

Other distinguished and well known products of Nazir Natural Cure like NAZIR KALONJI BALM, Nazir Tan Durust Syrup, Safoof-e-Benazir, Nazir Pain-X Plus Oil Spray (With Kalongi), Nazir Isapghole(Husk), Arq-e-Gulab(Rose Water), Arq-e-Shirin(Herbal Gripe Water), Nazir Jawahar Mohra, Nazir Sharbat-e-Bazoori, Nazir Sharbat-e-Musafikhoon, Nazir Sharbat-e-Anjbar, Nazir Sharbat-e-Anar, Nazir Sharbat-e-Gulab, Nazir Sharbat-e-Elaichi, Nazir Sharbat-e-Sandal, Nazir Sharbat-e-Imli Aloo Bukhara, Nazir Sharbat-e-Faulad, Nazir Arq-e-Badiyan, Nazir Arq-e-Gaozban, Nazir Arq-e-Mako, Nazir Arq-e-Choarqa, Nazir Arq-e-Kasni and Nazir Arq-e-Mehzal have high place in market.

Details about all products can be seen in this site. 

There are few other researched products in the company's pipe-line ready for launch.